Now to say this night was fun would be an understatement!! These guys are amazing and know how to party! From the moment Robyn had reached out I knew this was going to be super fun with both her ideas and my ideas being on the same page.

The Engagement party was at the stunning venue The Heron Country Club with their staff and organisers being perfect!

If you are looking for a venue for an event or a wedding do make sure to give these guys a visit at Home :: Home | The Heron Country Club

Even with Connor arriving slightly late (sorry Connor! haha) that Robyn wanted we still managed to squeeze in some beautiful couples shots before the party was in full swing!

Couple shots done, now its time to get the parrrrty started!! Guests were coming in thick and fast and everyone had one thing in mind... CELEBRATE!

Drinks flowing and tunes on point, safe to say this engagement party was flying! You know its good when you over stay your welcome and bust a move on the dancefloor. And for me that's a very important thing when I meet my couples, I want them to know your not just getting a photographer, your getting a friend who is down for fun too! No matter what the occasion be it Wedding, engagement, party, I want to enjoy the moment with you guys!

Little shoutout to the DJ Ryan Morgan who got it right all night! if your looking for a DJ look no further, go check out his Instagram at Ryan Morgan (@djryanmorgan) | Instagram

Here's a few snaps from the awesome night!

Cannot wait for your big day guys! BRING IT ON!!!