Now, where do I start with this one!? I mean I really did hit the jackpot with these two and this AMAZING venue!!

Jess and Crispin had reached out last year, and even from the first conversation we had I knew that these guys were going to be awesome!

We had a facetime call in January and instantly felt like I was facetiming my friends and even to this day we still message silly things! 'DERP!' haha.

So with the initial meet out the way and all three of us on the same page, it was time to book in the engagement shoot, and what better way to do this was at their actual wedding venue!

So before we dive into the engagement shoot lets talk about the venue!

I've seen and been to some stunning wedding venues but Chapel House Estate now this is a venue! everything about this place from the manor house, ceremony room, reception to the gardens its just beautiful! these guys have thought of it all. I felt like a kid at a sweet shop when I turned up!

So if you are looking for a wedding venue please please go check out this place. You wont regret it!

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Ok, engagement shoot day! now as if I wasn't excited already, these two treated me to lunch which was cooked by the venues in house restaurant No.9. No 9 Restaurant - Chapel House Estate Now this was a lunch! and was a little taster of what's to come on their wedding day (and for everyone that knows me I'm a massive foodie!!). So now bellies are well and truly full its time to create some magic!!

From the first shot to the last shot, Jess and Crispin were complete naturals! they made my job soooooo easy! (thanks guys!!) They took direction well (all little of it! haha) and most importantly they had fun! they were themselves and didnt worry about me clicking away right infront of them or creeping over a bush!

We all had such a laugh and was just a brilliant day, also a quick shoutout to Chapel House Estate for allowing us full roam of the venue to let us do this, THANK YOU!

We definitely made use of the whole venue, even to the point of Jess climbing and laying on the bar! (but so worth it as the shots are AWESOME!)

Crispin enjoyed making my life slightly difficult by feeling the need to have his eyes closed ALOT! haha apparently this always happens? (just don't do this come the wedding!! haha) with that said we still smashed it!

Now I could go on about this day for ages but Im sure I've already gone on too long already!

All I can say is, I am SUPER EXCITED for the wedding hurry up October!

Jess, Crispin... you guys are AWESOME

Now enjoy some photos from the day and make sure you come back later this year to see the wedding day shots!! (Sorry Jess I just had too! DERP! last time I promise! haha)