Surprise at Tower Hill!

Being apart of this proposal was super special!

I was referred from a friend to take shots of this secret proposal and I am so thankful for it! These guys were over for a holiday from South Africa, but little did Monique know there was something special waiting for her!

The night before Ockert and I were back and fourth planning the right moment and place to do it. He really wanted to do it at Tower Hill and he couldn't of picked a better place! One of London's most iconic places and one of the best bridges ever!! (be sure to visit if you are ever in London

So we decided on venue and time, now it was all about keeping Monique busy and not suspect a thing, I had got to the spot early to suss it out and then they arrive! and me using my hidden ninja powers I was in full stealth mode! I give Ockert the nod and then its all down to him.

It was such a special and wonderful moment and I loved ever single second of it!

Here are some shots of the day.

Maybe a trip to South Africa is needed!